Suzuki School, what is it and how can it help you?

 The Suzuki School is a place for budding musicians who want to learn to master their instruments. But it is also a space for fun and connecting with your tutor, Sarnia de la Maré FRSA. You can also ask questions about anything related to your playing because sometimes we us musicians come across the simple and the complicated issues we struggle with.

If you want more help you can book one to one lessons in piano, cello and viola whenever you need them without signing up for a full term.

Suzuki Lessons at the Suzuki School

We also offer jazz and ABRSM courses.

But first, let's find out about the Suzuki method.

The Suzuki Method is a music curriculum and teaching philosophy developed by the Japanese violinist, pedagogue, educator, and humanitarian, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Here are the key aspects of this method:

  1. Listening and Repetition:

    • The Suzuki method emphasizes the importance of listening to music extensively. Students are encouraged to listen to recordings of the pieces they are learning.
    • Repetition is a fundamental practice. Students play the same piece repeatedly to internalize the music and improve their skills.
  2. Parental Involvement:

    • Parents or guardians play an active role in their child’s music education. They attend lessons, take notes, and guide practice sessions at home.
    • Dr. Suzuki believed that a supportive environment at home is crucial for a child’s musical development.
  3. Sequential Repertoire:

  4. Positive Reinforcement:

    • The method creates a reinforcing environment for learning music.
    • Encouragement, praise, and positive feedback are essential to motivate students and build their confidence.
  5. Every Child Can:

    • Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy is encapsulated in the phrase “Every child can.”
    • He believed that musical ability is not innate but can be nurtured through proper teaching, practice, and exposure to music.

The Suzuki Method has been widely used around the world and has helped many children learn to play instruments, particularly the violin, at a high level23If you’re interested in exploring this approach further, consider connecting with the British Suzuki Music Association, which trains teachers in the Suzuki Method and supports families involved in the Suzuki movement4. 🎻


We are proud at the SUZUKI.SCHOOL to be forward thinkers who are trailblazing modern techniques and innovative performance strategies for a new wave of musicians around the world.

Suzuki.School delivering a new program for modern musicians in a digital world and you can find all our programs for strings and piano on the links below.







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