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C G D A those are the strings of my cello #poem

The order of cello strings 🎡 “Cats Go Down Alleys” 🎡 In the world of cellos, where music takes flight, Four strings stand tall, each with its own might. Descending in thickness, they sing their refrain, A quartet of notes, a melodious chain. C is the first, a sturdy foundation, Gently humming its low vibration. Next comes G, resonant and deep, A soulful companion, a secret to keep. D follows suit, with a brighter tone, Dancing on harmonies, it finds its own zone.  And lastly, A, like a sunbeam’s kiss, Ascending to heights, a celestial bliss. Tuning pegs twirl, adjusting the strings, Crafting a symphony that soars and sings. So remember this order, let it unfurl: “Cats Go Down Alleys,” a cello’s sweet swirl. 🎢 1 2 3 4